Delivery Contest Starting June 15th

​​We want to put together a little DELIVERY CONTEST.  Starting June 15th ​Oliver will be going to go to each store and be delivered a vehicle.  The process post FI to drive out the door (everything included in this process including gong or anything else you guys do).  As you all know this is aRead More

Texting and TCPA

​During a recent training session I attended I was shocked by what was new information to me regarding text message guidelines with our customers. Ignoring the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) will result in pretty steep fines. The TCPA provides for either actual damages or statutory damages ranging from $500.00 to $1,500.00 per unsolicited call/message. Read More

Eagles for 2016

First Congratulations to all those sales professionals that have hit the 180 Eagles mark for 2015!  This is a great accomplishment and deserves the recognition it is.  Great Job!!! 2016 we will be moving this mark to 200 units sold for the year.  As we continue to strive and grow this mark should be inRead More

December YAG Cup – Young Ford

​Congratulations goes out to Young Ford for winning the YAG Cup for December! This was a very close run but at the end of the day Ford takes the Cup by a slim margin! Congratulations Ford team.  The cup will go up next time in February.   ​

End of Year Sales Spiffs

​Hello All Sales Professionals!! First I hope you all are memorizing our Mission Statement  We Take Pride in Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience while Generating a Fiercely Loyal Following that Loves to Think Young! Now for the good stuff!  End of YEAR SPIFFS! Congratulations: Stewart at Young Ford for Top Sales person with 12.5 TravisRead More


The YAG Sales CUP is up for grabs this month!!!! To win the cup this month it will be the store with the largest Gross per sales person for the month.   So Total Gross for the New and Used departments combined divided by # of sales people and BDC.  Please watch Key Indicators reportRead More

5 Auto Shopping Moments from Google

​Great article on Google about the changing habits of car buyers.  Give this article a read.  Really stresses the importance of YouTube video.   ​ Give the article a read.

Young Automotive Group Selected as a Top Workplace and Best Company to Work For

The results are in, and Young Automotive Group has been selected as one of the Top Workplaces in Utah by the Salt Lake Tribune, and one of the Best Companies to Work For by Utah Business magazine.   Each and every one of you contributes to the success and unique culture we share at YAG.  Thank you forRead More