7 Truths About Closing the Sale

To start off this great Presidents Day here are a couple of excerpts from a good article from Roy Vaden. 1. Closing is a process not an event – Contrary to popular belief closing is not a magical question or a strong-handed argument at the end of a presentation. A close is a question, butRead More

Young Dashboard Sales – $100 spiff

Is everybody Receiving the Young Dashboard Sales Emails?  If you got this then you are on the list.  We want to make sure everybody is receiving these emails that are in the sales departments.  Please ask around and make sure your fellow sales reps are receiving these emails.  If they are not please have themRead More

Phone Pop Assignments

Starting next week we are going to be doing a new phone pop program.  It is very exciting and will help us to continue to get better on the phones.  Below is a list of managers paired with sales and BDC persons.  Each manager will call each person he is assigned to once a weekRead More

End of Year Spiff and Recognition!

Congratulations goes out to Rod West at Bonanza Motors for winning the end of year spiff.  Rod had 12.5 units out for those dates! Great Job.   Also for the Month of December I want to recognize the top 3 sales persons on the Sales Dor: Stewart at Young Ford #1 with 23.5 Rod atRead More

Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Please take a quick 5 minutes and watch this youtuve video.  http://youtu.be/Jh3Q-QNUbGs ​Opportunity lies just outside of our comfort zone.  The more often we can get out of our comfort zone the quicker we can seize opportunity and grow.  The great thing is that between us and getting out of our comfort zone we onlyRead More

Practice, Practice, Practice

Check out the Young Subaru Phone Script training. http://youtu.be/ECIHIo2oQB0 Over the next couple of months all sales managers will be routinely calling the stores as customers to grade and rate all sales persons use of the phone script.  Through great practice, like they are doing at Young Subaru and across the group, we can becomeRead More

Thank You

To all: Thank you so much for everything you do. You all work so hard and put in so much time, energy, stress, worry, and hard work. I hope each and everyone of you feel appreciated for all you do to make our company so successful. The Young Automotive Group is who it is becauseRead More

Sales Test – Please Comment

This is a Test from the Young Dashboard to all of our sales professionals.  Please comment on this post so that I know you got it.   Here is a great sales quote: Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect. W. Clement Stone What do youRead More