1-2-3 Sales Event – Thursday

​Here are the first days numbers for the 123 Sales Event I the lead for the YAG CUP  Young Chevrolet at 9 Buick 7 Kia 6 Automall 6 Subaru 6 Dodge 5 Avis 4 Bonanza 3 Ford 2 ​ TOTAL 48 Vehicles Sold  Top Sales Person  Sam – Young Dodge with 3 so far!  Read More

Video Walk Arounds

Hello Sales Professionals YAG-U just uploaded the latest training on how to do a video walk around.  Please take the time to watch this short video and get trained on how to do this GREAT SERVICE for our customers.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.  Click on link toRead More

Walk Around Pops

Hello Sales We are going to start a new round of POP training.  This time we are going to focus on the Vehicle Walk Around.  Please feel free to use a NEW VEHICLE or a USED VEHICLE. Please see attached assignments and grading.  Also please make sure sales managers get the feedback and that theRead More

Upcoming Sales Training Program

As we approach April we are looking forward to starting a new round of the YAG Sales Training Program. Attached is the new schedule for our YAG Sales Training Program. On this upcoming Monday, April 6th at 8:00AM, "Why Salespeople Fail – And What You Can Do About It" will be held in the YAG Training Room whichRead More

Sales Statistics – Ups, Demos, Write Ups, Sold

What are the key statistics that lead to car sales that EVERY SALES PERSON should track on a DAILY BASIS?  Ups Demos Write Ups and Sold Every Sales Person should be writing these down on a daily basis and manually charting and graphing these key statistics.  These statistics should be reviewed at least weekly asRead More

Lot Pops

Like we did a couple months ago with Phone Pops we are now going to do with Lot Pops. What is a LOT POP? A Lot Pop is a training exercise when you are practicing taking a lot up and doing the first and CRUCIAL steps of the sales process.  First Impression, Meet and Greet,Read More

YAG Sales Cup

Just a reminder the Young Automotive Sales Cup is up for grabs this month to the dealership with the most USED UNITS out for the month! It is still sitting at Chevy since December and I am sure they don't want to let it go!

7 Truths About Closing the Sale

To start off this great Presidents Day here are a couple of excerpts from a good article from Roy Vaden. 1. Closing is a process not an event – Contrary to popular belief closing is not a magical question or a strong-handed argument at the end of a presentation. A close is a question, butRead More