Young Buick GMC Spring into Literacy Event

Tomorrow is the Young Buick GMC Spring into Literacy Event and Fundraiser for the Davis Education Foundation.  This is going to be a great family event encouraging kids to pledge to read.  With each pledge Young Buick GMC will be donating $5 to the School District!  This is a great event and really helps improveRead More


Impressionalism. Have you heard of that word before? Well neither have I. I guess it is one of those words that I make up as I go. Of course you know the word Impressionism from Art. This form of art was first begun in France and was and is a beautiful form of art work.Read More

Sales Statistics – Ups, Demos, Write Ups, Sold

What are the key statistics that lead to car sales that EVERY SALES PERSON should track on a DAILY BASIS?  Ups Demos Write Ups and Sold Every Sales Person should be writing these down on a daily basis and manually charting and graphing these key statistics.  These statistics should be reviewed at least weekly asRead More

Lot Pops

Like we did a couple months ago with Phone Pops we are now going to do with Lot Pops. What is a LOT POP? A Lot Pop is a training exercise when you are practicing taking a lot up and doing the first and CRUCIAL steps of the sales process.  First Impression, Meet and Greet,Read More

Safe Work Environment

Safe Work Environment Policy:   It is the policy of Young Automotive Group to promote a safe, productive work environment.  A work environment where employees can express work place concerns. The Young Automotive Group fosters inclusiveness for all people so that mutual respect is highly valued; where employees feel safe to discuss ideas, concerns andRead More

Young Automotive Group Careers – Internal Applications

 As part of an effort to grow our people, hire from within, and advance the careers of those in the Young Automotive Group Family, we will be posting job openings that come available on this page and encourage those employees who are interested to apply for these positions. Click link below to see page: More

achieving your….

ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS ISN’T SOMETHING THAT JUST HAPPENS.     In a study done at Harvard University more than 40 years ago, researchers polled the graduating class of 1953 to find out how many students actually had clearly written specific goals and a plan for achieving them.  This being a class of highly intelligent people at oneRead More