The good news just keeps on coming.

The good news just keeps on coming. I hope everyone is ready for a good year because the Car business is bright (referring to yesterdays article) and the Utah and National economy is bright. Lets get our fair share. Yeehaw…..more to cheer about today. Have an even greater day after reading the below article. sysr SALTRead More

Telehealth Services from Intermountain Connect Care – Now Live

Important Info for all employees participating in our Health Insurance Benefits….. We’re happy to announce that Telehealth Service from Intermountain Connect Care is now up and running!  Telehealth Services from Intermountain Connect CareSM Intermountain Healthcare® and SelectHealth® are  offering  Intermountain Connect Care, a telehealth service designed to help patients get affordable, convenient, quality care. TelehealthRead More

Good news to start the week

As many of you know I read for several hours every morning. Today I thought I would share just one small article that applies to our industry. Things are looking pretty bright. SANTA MONICA, California — March car sales are poised to go out like a lion, according to an forecast. This month is set toRead More

not complaining…can you do it

  I read this, this morning and I thought it was worthy to share. Give me your thoughts. Benjamin Franklin was considered by many to be tactless in his youth. They called him arrogant and pompous. Yet, he became so diplomatic and so skillful at handling people that he was made American Ambassador to France!Read More

Texting and TCPA

​During a recent training session I attended I was shocked by what was new information to me regarding text message guidelines with our customers. Ignoring the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) will result in pretty steep fines. The TCPA provides for either actual damages or statutory damages ranging from $500.00 to $1,500.00 per unsolicited call/message. Read More

You in Young

Have you heard about the new ‘best practices’ page called You in Young? It is a new forum where employees across all locations and departments can submit short bite sized stories or experiences that enhance the customer experience. Are you noticing a co-worker that does something beyond the norm to deliver an exceptional customer experience?Read More

Lagoon Day and Season Passes

As a member of the Young Automotive Group Lagoon offers our employees a special deal on Lagoon Day Passes and Lagoon Season Passes.  The time to order these passes is this week.  If you would like to purchase these passes please get with your manager. They have the pricing and can make sure you getRead More

CEO of the Year – Spencer Young Sr

​We are pleased to announce that Spencer Young Sr has been recognized by Utah Business as a CEO of the year.  The march issue features Spencer on the cover of the magazine and an article about him. Congratulations goes out to Spencer for being recognized for this award.  It is fantastic to know we haveRead More


During my morning study and reading time I came across an interesting thought I would like to share with you. Not a new thought but an important thought to remember none the less.   “The law of Impermanence“   The fact that everything, without exception, is always changing, that things will not, cannot stay the sameRead More