Visiting The Young Center of Excellence

As all of you now know – The “Young Automotive Group University” is now called “The Young Center of Excellence” (The COE). Have you taken the time in the last month to explore our new website? Are you trying to access the Training Calenders to look at upcoming training dates? Go to and look atRead More

2017 Sales Certification Program

2017 Sales Certification Program

To all our Sales Professionals. 2017 is fast approaching. We are looking forward to the New Year and are excited to announce that one of the highlights will be our 2017 Young COE Sales Certification Program!

This will kick on January 1st. Please go to


Here is just a quick preview on the requirements needed for certification…

2017 Sales Certification Requirements

Sales Professionals will be able to achieve Young COE certification by fulfilling the following:

Training Program Attendance:

· 2017 Customer Service Training (CST) workshops (1,2,&3)

· 2017 Sales Training Monday Workshops (5 of 7)

Sales Process Skill Set Requirements:

· First Impressions

· Meet and Greet

· Build Rapport and Investigate

· Bypassing

· Presentation Demo

· Closing

· Overcoming Objections

· Trade in / Tour

· Pencil

· Delivery

Phone Scripts Requirements:

New Car General Phone Phone-Up Format

Pre-Owned Phone-Up Format

Super Specific Internet Phone-Up Format

Trade Script

“Dirty Thirty” Referral Script

Overcoming Objections

*Phone Script completion to be passed with Center of Excellence Partners (JD Bradley or Jennifer Zorko).

*All sales skill set role plays and sales process requirements to be passed off by Oliver Young, Ty Johnston, JD Bradley or select Sales Managers (to be determined at each location).